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Celebrating 100 Years!

Praising God for 100 Years!

Praising God for 100 Years!

On March 8-9, 2014 Laurel celebrated 100 YEARS OF MINISTRY!  Scores joined us for that special weekend.  March 8 saw a delicious grilled lunch, fellowship and energetic hymn singing.

In worship on Sunday, March 9, former pastors Revs. Gerry Anders and Andy Meyers led in worship assisted by a former Laurel summer intern, Rev. Nancy Summerlin.  Current Covenant Pastor Rev. Mark Sprowl rounded out the worship team.

An alumni choir began the service with their heart-felt renditions of favorite hymns, followed by a bagpiper playing “Amazing Grace.”  Our choir, under the leadership of music director, David Clatterbuck, presented beautiful pieces representing the great musical tradition of Laurel, accompanied by trumpet.

After worship, the congregation spilled out onto the grassy field in front of the church for a traditional photograph, the setting having been used for anniversary pictures on other occasions.  All this was followed by a lovely luncheon and fellowship.  Andy Keller prepared a slide show of historic photos that we hope to soon to feature on this site.  Many also had occasion to stop by the Anniversary “Museum” where photos, documents and other artifacts (including some wedding dresses from brides married at Laurel!) could be seen.

Our joyous thanks to members of the 100th Anniversary Committee chaired by Duane Berger, to the many other members and friends and clergy who contributed to the spirit of the day, and of course, to our Lord who has been our starting point, our foundation and our source of energy and hope… and, we pray, will continue to do so for the next 100 years!

Our celebration lives in the planting of twelve crape myrtle trees that compose our “Centennial Grove.”


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