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Day One

“And there was evening, and there was morning: day one.” – Genesis 1:5

So today was my first day in the office at Laurel. Mostly the day was about unpacking boxes. While there are still some boxes left, there are a lot fewer boxes in my office! At lunchtime my wife and daughter came over and we went out, and then it was back for more unpacking.

The first day on the job is always about unpacking. God spent the first “day” unpacking light from the darkness. Now, did God do this in a twenty-four hour time period and should we take the Genesis account of creation literally? I would argue no, that Genesis 1 is clearly poetry about how and why we came into being. But the idea that God took time to form light out of the darkness, that God continues to bring light into darkness, is an important one for us to hold onto.

My house is still full of boxes and there are times when I seriously wonder if they will ever be unpacked. And in those times of depression about the task ahead of me and grief of what I have lost I am surrounded by darkness. Yet God brings something or someone into my life to bring new light and new life. My daughter comes and gives me a hug. My wife puts her hand on my shoulder and tells me life will be okay. My dog nudges me to go for a walk and looks at me with those big brown eyes that communicate that I will always be loved. This is the light of Christ shining in the darkness, just as the light pierced the darkness on day one. And for that, I give thanks.

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