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"Son of Man" by Rene Magritte

For a long time in Western thought theology has focused on what can be shown rationally. We have attempted to systematically describe God, often requiring volumes to even try. Anything that falls outside of the system we set up must therefore be abandoned because… well… it just doesn’t fit what we “know” about God.

There is another way, an ancient way that is even now beign rediscovered by theologians and others who take their relationship with God seriously, prayerfully, and studiously. We are being reminded of the concept of mystery.

Mystery in this context should not be confused with “detective story,” where if we just gather enough clues we will be able to deduce the full facts. Just the opposite is true about mystery – no matter how much we look at it, no matter how much we know in facts, opinion, conjecture, or deduction we will never know it all. Mystery reminds us that some things, particularly God, are too big to be completely understood in a document or a doctrine. And sometimes we just have to live in it, revel in it even, to understand the wonder of it all.


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