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Sometimes we feel discouraged or overwhelmed. This is just a fact of life – everyone goes through time when we are low or even depressed. We grieve the loss of a loved one, we go through a particularly painful illness, we move from a home we’ve known all our lives. No matter how we get there, we all end up in a time when we need help.

Naaman was a commander in the army of Aram (2 Kings 5). He was used to being in charge, full of power, and able to fix anything. Then he developed a terrible, painful disease known as leprosy. And Naaman realized he wasn’t in charge of the disease, he had no power over the disease, and he wasn’t able to fix the disease. He needed help, but he didn’t know where to turn. So he just stayed where he was and suffered.

It took a girl, a slave, to tell him where he could find help. Then it took a prophet (Elisha) to tell him where to go to get healed. Then it took some courageous servants to remind him that even though the proposed solution – dipping in the Jordan river seven times – seemed relatively mundane that he should do it and be healed rather than complain about how it should be harder! Look at all the help Naaman received, and he didn’t ask for much of it at all. When he did ask for help, it was given. When it was needed, it was there. God sent all sorts of people into Naaman’s life so that he could receive the help he needed in order to be healed and made whole.

We as a church are really good at helping people. For example, while my wife Shannon continues to battle her hemolytic anemia some of you have taken it upon yourselves to make us dinners or ask if there are other things you can do to help. Thanks! We have appreciated every bit of prayer and action to help us through this time, and it has largely gone un-asked-for. Thanks! You are reflecting God’s desire to heal us and help us through your actions – keep it up!

Now you may be in a place where you need some help, either spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, culinary. I want to tell you that Laurel Presbyterian Church is full of people who are ready, people with gifts in all sorts of areas. You may need to ask for help, you may need to seek out a particular gift to match your need. But I can tell from what I have seen there is an amazing amount of love and grace ready to help you in any way we can. Do not sit in silence like Namaan – let us know what’s going on. It may be hard to talk about it at first, but we are committed to being the loving family of God to everyone.

As the body of Christ in the world, we’re here to help.

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