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ON FATHER’S DAY… There are many famous fathers in the Bible:  Noah, Abraham, Isaac,   Jacob, King David, and Joseph the Carpenter, to name few.  But perhaps none has been held up as an example as often as the unnamed dad who fathered the “Lost” or sometimes “Prodigal” son.  Suffering embarrassment and ignominy as his younger boy impetuously leaves home, this dad chooses to receive his repentant son differently than the norm of ancient Jewish society would have suggested.  His treatment is so extraordinary, in fact, that the elder son complains about what he perceives as a double standard.  The father reveals, however, that he exercises only one standard… and that would be grace, given without condition and undeservedly.

The story would have been wonderful as just an example as the kind of dad we’d all like to have, but then we recall Jesus tells the story to describe how the living God deals with “the lost”… the lost among us, and that part of us that is still lost.  Hear the “good news” of this story told anew this Sunday in Pastor Mark’s message, “Lost and Found.”  And “Happy Father’s Day!”  Stay after worship for a time of fellowship and refreshment with our monthly “Lingering.

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