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RULING ELDERS THANKED – Today in worship we thanked outgoing ruling elders Janice Berger, Vickie Chaplin, Wayne Deisher and Steve Scearce. Pastor Mark spoke of the nature of the Presbyterian Church with our belief that the Lord calls and sets aside (“ordains”) individuals for service within the church — some as “ruling elders” and some as “teaching elders” (ministers). In service on the Session as well as at higher levels of government within the PCUSA, these two types of elder are always considered equals in voice and vote.

Pastor Mark also noted the transitional time in which they served, as an installed pastor left and a covenant pastor came on board and how they helped to preserve the “peace, unity and purity” of the church during their watch. Ruling Elder Wayne Deisher, during an opportunity for the outgoing elders to speak to the congregation, noted that the Session had related in respectful, loving ways toward one another without heated arguments.

In a closing prayer, Pastor Mark prayed for their refreshment and renewal as they left this particular service while asking the Lord to keep their hearts and minds open to the possibility of a future call. (Ruling Elder Vickie Chaplin could not be present in the worship service.) Their “replacements” will be installed and ordained next Sunday, July 13 during worship.

Many thanks to Pete MacRae for the photo.

Steve Scearce, Wayne Deisher, LaVerne Miller, Janice Berger & Pastor Mark.

Steve Scearce, Wayne Deisher, LaVerne Miller, Janice Berger & Pastor Mark.

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