Stewardship month

November is all about declaring our Laurel Love in time, talent, and financial resources, and this year we are daring bravely to follow God’s vision for Laurel. We will have two opportunities to give: for the general budget to support the ministry of this church, and for a capital campaign to support building the vision that God has put before us.

Here are some ideas for how your love might be made visible at Laurel:

  • Can you imagine a new bathroom off by the sanctuary?
  • Can you picture a soccer field out front?
  • Can you see a pavilion by our parking lot?
  • Can you see a fresh coat of paint on all of our walls?
  • Can you see our parlor repurposed?
  • Can you imagine a therapist in residence?
  • Can you see an updated social media presence?
  • Can you see new signage pointing the way?
  • Can you see a circular driveway, ramp, and overhang at the front of our church?

So, pray, meditate, wonder about how to express Laurel Love. November 28th is pledge Sunday. You can mail or bring in your pledge card. Consider a gift to both our awesome church and to God’s vision for us.  Every little bit counts and matters.

Download the stewardship letter.

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