New COVID protocols

The COVID Task Force met during Christmas to advise Session on next steps to keep us safe at worship. The Session has adopted these recommendations:

  • Protective masks are required for all.
  • Worship leadership must speak with mask on.
  • Our pews are roped off in order for us to sit every other one (thank you Brenda and Pete MacRae); please allow ample distance between you and your neighbor.
  • All doors to our worship space will remain open to allow for airflow and a touchless entry.
  • We will refrain from hugging, handshaking or close talking as hard as this is.
  • We encourage everyone to stay home with even the slightest of cold symptoms or if you are immune compromised. Thankfully we can all participate in worship through our online streaming platform.

Hand sanitizers are available at both entrances, and we are researching freestanding units to replace the bottles. We will ride out this wave too and soon we will be on the other side of this.

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