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illuminating-lent-participants-bookThe Season of Lent encompasses six weeks or approximately 40 days before Easter. Within the Church, it is traditionally a time of reflection upon the deep love of God for all humanity in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  For many, it is an opportunity for spiritual growth and deepening our relationship with the God through study, worship and prayer.

The Laurel Adult Class which meets each Sunday morning at 8:45 am in our Fellowship Hall will be focusing on the meaning and purpose of this holy season Sundays, March 5 through April 9.  We will look to Scripture and to the traditions and ancient practices of the Church to learn how these spiritual tools for centuries of believers may to renew us and give us a fresh word for the present day.

We will work with a workbook called, “Illuminating Lent.”  All class participants will receive a free copy, and we ask, as time permits, for you to read the relevant chapter for the week.  This will help us get right to discussion and to exercises to reinforce the week’s teaching.  Please join us any Sunday and discover how the Holy Spirit can prepare your heart to understand the Bible and the Cross in new and powerful ways!


From time to time, the Adult Class uses materials that are available in PDF format and may be downloaded from our website.  In order to read these these using Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click on the icon below for download information.


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