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Thru Sunday, February 17 – Meets in Fellowship Hall – 8:45 am

Through the centuries, there seems to have been a tension between faith and science. As scientific discoveries have expanded our knowledge of the world, people of faith have had to wrestle with how to reconcile these findings with historic interpretations of cosmology, biology, human sexuality and more. Do faith and science stand as opposing points of view or are they truly complementary once understood to attempts to answer basic questions of humanity and the universe?

Join David and Dayna Paxton as they lead a discussion about the meeting of faith and science guided by a curriculum produced by the Presbyterian Church (USA). The six-week class seeks to touch upon some of the “hot button” topics of the day from biological evolution to human sexuality. Each participant receives a free booklet and is encouraged to read a brief introduction for each week’s discussion.

From time to time, the Adult Class uses materials that are available in PDF format and may be downloaded from our website.  In order to read these these using Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click on the icon below for download information.


Sundays, February 24 and March 3 – Meets in Fellowship Hall – 8:45 am

The Bible describes the church of Jesus Christ as a body with many parts; Jesus is the guiding head. Each of the parts performs a different but vital function for the well-being and growth of the body. The Holy Spirit gives gifts to these body parts to enable these functions. Jesus is no longer here as a human being with hands and voice and feet. He has designed his church to represent him and to be his loving and healing body now in the world.

This class acquaints us with the spiritual gifts named in Scripture and helps us to identify what gifts we may possess. In these sessions, we work together to affirm our mutual gifts and to encourage their expression in the church and in the community. We ask that you click on the graphics below and download and read the materials for each of the two class sessions.

Spiritual Gifts Session 1

Sunday, February 24

Spiritual Gifts Session 2

Sunday, March 3




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