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Eggs with Cross

BE OUR GUEST!… For us at Laurel Church, these words remind us of the delightful song from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” but also of the kind of welcome we’d like to offer to our neighbors on Easter Day. For literally billions of Christians around the globe, Easter marks the climax of their faith, a time to rejoice once again that life wins over death, Jesus — the friend of the outcast and “sinner” – is indeed Lord!

And yet, for many others, it may be moment to re-enter the life of faith, to celebrate coming together as a family in a safe and secure place or simply to find inspiration and encouragement for the coming week. At our 10:00 am service on Easter Sunday, April 21, we hope to honor what may be in the hearts and expectations of all in worship. We believe God loves us just the way we are, and as those who seek to follow Jesus, we want to do the same.

So, friends, be our guest this Sunday at Laurel Presbyterian Church, 9675 Staples Mill Road, Glen Allen. Come for the joy! Come for the music! Come for Easter Egg Hunt! Come to discover what has linked together people like Pope Francis, Stephen Colbert and Aretha Franklin… and be blessed!


JOIN US IN WORSHIP on this Palm Sunday, April 14 at 10:00 am as the Laurel choir presents, “It Is Finished,” a poignant choral retelling of Jesus’ last days culminating with the Crucifixion. The cantata is structured around a theme of “tenebrae” or shadows, alluding to the diminishing light of Christ in the world as he made his journey to the Cross. This musically-themed service is free of charge.

Lenten Cantata 2019


The full color edition of the April Gazette is ready with news about special activities at Laurel for Holy Week and Easter Day. To read it, click on the icon below.

April 2019 cover

April 2019 Gazette


You’re invited to join the conversation this coming Sunday, March 10, 2019, as the whole worshipping congregation seeks to interpret the Bible text for the morning. This Sunday we’ll be looking at Luke 4 where Jesus preaches his first sermon to the hometown audience in Nazareth and receives what turns out to be an explosive response! What upset the homefolk so much? How would churches today receive his challenging words?

To get a head start, click on the graphic download the the two-page study guide. Hope to see you at 10:00 am on Sunday at Laurel!

Second Sunday 3-10-19


March 2019 Newsletter Available

To access our full-color March 2019 Gazette please click on the graphic below.

March Gazette 2019


Join us this coming Ash Wednesday, March 6 for a brief but meaningful service to begin the observance of the Lenten season. Within the Christian Church, Lent constitutes the six weeks prior to Easter. If the Sundays are subtracted from this time period, it roughly represents 40 days recalling Jesus’ trials in the wilderness.

For the church, Lent is an opportunity to pray and reflect upon the depth of human need and the love of God demonstrated in Jesus’ mission on the Cross. Why did Jesus come among us? What enduring effect has his coming made? How do we now respond to an act that happened nearly 2,000 years ago? These and other questions are worthy of our consideration at Lent.

On Ash Wednesday, we recall that God’s creation began with humanity made in the very image of God and yet these new beings are as frail as if the divine had breathed life into a handful of dirt. Our very lives are like the flowers of spring, here today and yet gone tomorrow, as some verses of Scripture describe it… Yet within these precious lives defined by years can be discerned an eternal melody that speaks not of grief but of joy, wonder and thanksgiving!

The stories of Lent, the Cross and of Easter all begin with, “God so loved the world…”

Join us this Wednesday as we pray and hear Scripture. The Laurel Choir will give us a lovely anthem. For those who choose, the ancient symbol of the cross may be imposed in ashes as a sign on one’s forehead.

Worship begins at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary. You’re also invited to join the Laurel Church family for a simply dinner of soup at 6:45 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Ash Wednesday


THERE’S GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS… Jesus is standing patiently at our door and knocking… but he’s upset and challenging us to get out there and really love our neighbors! Join us this Sunday, March 3, as Pastor Mark Sprowl considers the provocative context for one of the New Testament’s most enduring images in his message, “Opening a Door to New Life.” 10:00 am. We will also be celebrating the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

Jesus Knocking at Door - Holman Hunt