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Join us at Bruster’s Ice Cream, 9101 Staples Mill Road, Glen Allen (two blocks south of the church campus) on Wednesday, August 1 at 7:00 pm for a time of informal fellowship, devotion, and, of course, ice cream! Take a 45-minute break in your evening to catch up with friends at Laurel Church… and maybe even make some new ones.brusters-ice-cream


Join us for our seven-week series called “Animate.”  Each week we view a short video appearance by leaders in contemporary faith such as Brian McLaren (pictured below), Lillian Daniel, Nadia Bolz-Weber and others. Each commentary presents an engaging and sometimes new way of looking at such basics as faith, the Bible and evangelism. Paired with relevant portions of the Bible, the video segments become starting places for sometimes provocative, dare we say, “animated” discussion. Join us Sundays, June 17 – July 29 in the Fellowship Hall at 8:45 am.  All are invited!

Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren, speaker on the “Animate” video series




We’re taking a survey to determine what might be the most exciting educational opportunities we can offer for adults this summer at Laurel Church. The survey will help us know both what themes or subjects might most interest you but also give us an idea of the best time of the week for you to participate.

So please click on this link, and take the survey!


pentecost_dove_by_dancan2-d8ncf61According to the Book of Acts in the New Testament, Jesus had ascended after his resurrection to heaven but had also promised followers he would send a companion or advocate in his place. His promise became real on the Jewish holiday of Pentecost when first century Jews from around the Mediterranean gathered in Jerusalem to observe an ancient holy day. On that very occasion, the Holy Spirit came among the disciples like “wind and fire,” propelling them into the city streets to share their faith.

Jesus’ disciple Peter preached a great message that outlined how Jesus was the messiah the people of God had long been waiting for. Further, he said, although they missed the boat when he was here they could still trust their lives to the power of  his Spirit. Thousands were inspired to say, “yes!” to this offer, and the the Christian Church, powered by the Holy Spirit, took root and grew! This coming Sunday, May 20, we will celebrate the birth of this international community of faith that today numbers in the billions.

Pastor Mark, in his message, “May the Force Be with You!” asks the provocative questions, “What force shapes your life? What are the influences that have guided you to where you are today? Are you discovering all you had hoped for? Do you have ‘The Force?'” Join us for our joyful ecclesiastical “birthday party” this Sunday at 10 am, and make sure to wear something red!


Join us this coming Sunday, May 13, for our monthly Bible discussion within worship where everyone gets to be a preacher! Our focus will be on Acts 16 where the Apostle Paul encounters and independent woman, Lydia. She becomes a powerful disciple for Jesus and helps to found the church at Philippi. Join us as we see if she just might an example of women who “lean in” to their strengths, as describe in Sheryl Sandberg’s best-selling book. Check out the study sheet on the link below to get ready.

Notes-20180513 Paul and Lydia



Police Hospitality May 2018-editThis past Tuesday, May 8, Laurel hosted a get-together between Henrico County Police officers and members of the church. An amazing 19 officers participated along with 9 Laurel members and friends. This group were the 1:30 pm shift coming on, and they appreciated a snack with us before they got into their squad cars.
As with our April event, we affirmed our appreciation of the work the police do in our community, and several officers shared tips about safety at home and online. It was also just a great opportunity to put a face with the badge so to speak and Laurel folks were encouraged to get know our local police and even engage in ride-alongs (more on that later!) Again, many thanks to Sue Bell and company for organizing this timely and important connection with our community law enforcement.


The full-color May Gazette is now available. Please click on the link below.

May 2018 cover

May 2018 Newsletter

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