Upcoming June events

Tuesday June 8th, at 10:00 AMWomen’s Circle: We will gather to continue to examine our Christian practices. Carol Short will facilitate.

Wednesday, June 16th, at 7:30 PMFireside Happy Hour (FHH) and S’more’s Night: Please come enjoy some s’mores as we gather in the church parking lot around our firepit. Bring your favorite libation along for this twofer.

June 27th right after church in the fellowship hall – Laurel Vision Team: We will determine our meeting and platform schedule (in-person or Zoom) at that time. If you feel called to be part of this work, your voice is welcomed. Just bring your Laurel love, dreams and calendar

Wednesday, June 30th, 2:30-4:00 PM – Post-Pandemic Re-entry Gathering: We will continue the conversation of grieving our losses and moving forward in this new world.

Processing our pandemic life – 05/12

Join us on Wednesday, May 12 at 2:30 PM in our church parking lot. We will unpack pandemic living and all that this past year has cost us for us to be able to to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Come with stories to share and ideas to discuss about how we can begin to reconnect after more than a year of being distanced from each other.

Note: this event was originally scheduled for May 5th.


Holy week services

Join us online or in person for our Holy Week services. (Please note that Good Friday’s impact experience will be live at the church but not streamed online.)

Palm Sunday, March 28 at 10 AM

Join us as we celebrate Jesus’s triumphant arrival to Jerusalem as we begin our march through Holy Week. Our choir will process in with palms in place of all of us. But all of us will “march” out with palms.

Maundy Thursday, April 1st at 5 PM

Join us as we participate in this very special service to celebrate the Last Supper of Jesus at 5 pm. This is the night of the Passover feast that holds the Last Supper inside of it. The day where Jesus becomes both the Passover Lamb himself, and our servant in the foot washing ritual. We have learned from the Judeo Christina tradition that the sacrifice instinct recognizes that something symbolically needs to die in order for something new to be born. Richard Rohr says, “It is always our beloved passing self that has to be let go of . . . and we will all find endless disguises and excuses to avoid letting go of what really needs to die for our own spiritual growth.” This is our natural very human reaction to this hard reality. Yet, together, bravely, as this Body of Christ, we can begin the movement from the table to the garden, and to the cross. Please join us for this pivotal experience of dying to ourselves, so we might live to God.

Good Friday, April 2nd 1-4 PM

Please join us for a self-guided outdoor experience of letting go of all that is not of God in our walk with Jesus to the cross.  It is our intention to be outside on the front lawn by the bell for this impact walk. It is meditative and designed to support an encounter with our living God as we embrace the hard realities of the cross. If it should rain, we will hold the event inside and will give you privacy and space to meander your way through. 

Easter Service, April 4th at 10 AM

Bring your cut flowers as we celebrate (online or in person) this forever gift of kingdom life. Let your wonder and awe join with the universe as we give thanks for this gift of Love that even death cannot deny. Weather and COVID permitting we are working out how to have a COVID friendly Easter Egg Hunt outdoors right after worship.

Easter egg hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt will follow Easter worship, out by the bell. Masks are required and we will space everyone out so our fun is COVID-safe. All are welcome!


April newsletter & April & May events

News, updates and more

Download the April newsletter

Zoom coffee hour, Thursday April 23rd at 10 AM

  • Bring your coffee to our virtual gathering to check in with old and new friends.

Chats with Ann, Wednesday May 5th, 2:30 – 4 PM

  • The topic is “processing our pandemic life.” The event will be held in the church parking lot.

Fireside Happy Hour, Thursday May 27th, 5 PM

  • In person! Bring your favorite libation and nibbles as we gather in the church parking lot around our firepit to catch up and hear some wild stories.